• Pecan Point 01
    Pecan Point 01
    Pecan Point earned 143 points in the EarthCraft Multifamily Renovation program. This project required 100 points minimum for certification.
  • Pecan Point 02
    Pecan Point 02
    This is the exterior of one of the buildings before demolition began.
  • Pecan Point 03
    Pecan Point 03
    This is a typical kitchen before demolition began at Pecan Point. Time and use had taken its toll.
  • Pecan Point 04
    Pecan Point 04
    This is the living room of one of the apartments before demolition began.
  • Pecan Point 05
    Pecan Point 05
    This was a typical air handler and water heater before demolition began. Yet another example of time taking its toll.
  • Pecan Point 06
    Pecan Point 06
    This is one of the buildings during demolition as it is being prepared for restoration.
  • Pecan Point 07
    Pecan Point 07
    This is a sample of some of the wood damage that had to be replaced. This was common throughout more than half of the buildings.
  • Pecan Point 08
    Pecan Point 08
    This is the begninning of creating a new duct system for the heat and air conditioning for Pecan Point.
  • Pecan Point 09
    Pecan Point 09
    The insulation was meticulously installed to assure that it would perform well in its roll for both comfort and efficiency.
  • Pecan Point 10
    Pecan Point 10
    This is one of the interiors after sheetrock had been installed and getting ready for the finish process.
  • Pecan Point 11
    Pecan Point 11
    This is the exterior after renovation. This is the same building shown earlier in the "before" photo.
  • Pecan Point 12
    Pecan Point 12
    After the renovation, Pecan Point now has modern kitchens.
  • Pecan Point 13
    Pecan Point 13
    This is an alternate view of the new kitchen.
  • Pecan Point 14
    Pecan Point 14
    This is a typical living room after renovation at Pecan Point.
  • Pecan Point 15
    Pecan Point 15
    This is the new air handler closet with a more efficient heat pump system installed. Also, now the returns have full ducts allowing for better air filtration.
  • Pecan Point 16
    Pecan Point 16
    Pecan Point apartments now have a more efficient water heater system.

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